The Visit Dorking website has been designed to be accessible and easy to use. The site uses design features that allows visitors who use some assistive technologies to navigate the site.

If you have found it difficult to access a page or pages on the Visit Dorking site, we would like to know. Please email specifying which page or pages you had difficulty accessing.

Internet Browsers

In order to provide accessibility, this web site has been developed using HTML5. As a consequence, some older versions of Internet Explorer and other browsers may have difficulty with some features or facilities.  The Visit Dorking website is not compatible with IE6 or IE7 as these browsers are no longer supported.

Access keys

If your browser is Windows based:

(Netscape/Mozilla etc): Hold down the ‘Alt’ key and press the required Access Key (listed below)
(Internet Explorer): Hold down the ‘Alt, ‘Enter/Return’ keys and press the required Access Key

If you are using a Macintosh, hold down the left-hand ‘Control’ and press the required Access Key below:

  • s: Skip navigation
  • t: Top of the page
  • 1: Homepage
  • 2: News
  • 3: Sitemap
  • 4: Search
  • 8: Terms and Conditions
  • 0: This page

Colours and Contrast

Instructions on how to change background and font colours for the most common web browsers appear below.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Select Tools from the menu bar at the top of your window
From the options which appear, select Internet options
Click the General tab
Click the button marked Accessibility
To remove background and font colours, tick the checkbox labelled Ignore colours specified on web pages
Click on Colours
You can choose your own preferred colours for text, page background and links

Mozilla Firefox

Select Options from the Tools menu at the top of the window
Click on the Content button in the window that appears
Under the “Fonts and Colours” sub-heading, press the button labelled “Colours…”
Make your selections and then click OK.


Many of the downloadable documents on this site are PDFs and will require you to have ‘Adobe Acrobat Reader’ on your computer to open those files. This software is free and can be downloaded at the Adobe site.

Navigation via your keyboard

Tab: Moves through links on a page
Backspace: You will be able to revisit previous pages without using the ‘back button’ in your browser
Alt and Left arrow/cursor: moves you back through the pages you’ve already visited
Alt and Right arrow/cursor: moves you forward through the pages you’ve already visited
Ctrl and Home: Takes you to the top of the page
Ctrl and End: Takes you to the bottom of the page
Spacebar: Scrolls down the page
Page Up: Scrolls up the page
Page Down: Scrolls down the page

Text size

Users with certain visual impairments may find the default text size of this website difficult to read. To alter the size of the browser font in Internet Explorer, select View – Text Size to alter the size of the text.  To alter the size of the browser font in Mozilla Firefox, select Tools – Options – Content and adjust the font size.