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Antiques Dorking

Antiques, Independents & Vintage

A short stroll around Dorking reveals an extraordinary number of high quality specialist independent shops, fabulous vintage emporiums and the renowned antiques quarter.

West Street, is the oldest area in the town with not only a wealth of historic buildings but a character and atmosphere all of its own. Unique to West Street is the only surviving home of William Mullins, a pilgrim father, a must for American visitors. West Street is also famous for its antiques trade, drawing people from all over the world. A wonderful insight into Dorking’s rich history can also be discovered in West Street at the Dorking Museum.

A wander around Dorking’s streets discovering arts and crafts shops, boutiques, contemporary art galleries, jewellers, interior specialists and florists sitting alongside High Street chains.

You can relax in any of the excellent cafés, restaurants and public houses, enjoying a respite from the pleasures of shopping and browsing. Many of the pubs host comedy nights, jazz sessions and live music during the evenings.